libpst Utilities - Version 0.6.76


The various source and binary packages are available at The most recent documentation is available at The most recent developer documentation for the shared library is available at

A Mercurial source code repository for this project is available at

This version can now convert both 32 bit Outlook files (pre 2003), and the 64 bit Outlook 2003 pst files. Utilities are supplied to convert email messages to both mbox and MH mailbox formats, and to DII load file format for use with many of the CT Summation products. Contacts can be converted to a simple list, to vcard format, or to ldif format for import to an LDAP server.

The libpff project has some excellent documentation of the pst file format.

Table of Contents

readpst — convert PST (MS Outlook Personal Folders) files to mbox and other formats
lspst — list PST (MS Outlook Personal Folders) file data
pst2ldif — extract contacts from an MS Outlook .pst file in .ldif format
pst2dii — extract email messages from an MS Outlook .pst file in DII load format
outlook.pst — format of MS Outlook .pst file