Bind 9.14.3 for RHEL/Centos/Fedora

A source rpm for Bind 9.14.3 is available here. This contains the original source code from isc.org without any of the backported patches in the official RHEL version. ISC is using Python for more utility/management functions. This version contains two patches for Python 2.4 compatibility. It can be built via:

rpmbuild --rebuild --define 'dist .el6' \

rpmbuild --rebuild --define 'dist .el7' \

These builds require the GeoIP, python-argparse and python-ply packages, available from the epel repositories.

If you are building on a machine with IPv6 disabled, you might need to add "--define 'test 0'" to those rpmbuild commands. The recent ISC bind tests seem to require at least a loopback IPv6 interface.