41 years of custom software development

510 Software Group opened for business in 1983, delivering custom software solutions in a variety of environments.

We design and implement custom software solutions on either a fixed price or T&M basis. A fixed price works well for any project where the cost of precisely specifying the software development task is much less than the cost of producing the software. An hourly (time and materials) basis is used when it is difficult to precisely specify the task, or where the task IS the development of a precise specification for a piece of software.

We offer consulting services to help define your network, file server, internet access needs, and spam blocking/filtering options.

IPv6 Issues

On 2011-02-03 the last IPv4 address blocks were allocated to the regional registries. For now, those regional registies still have IPv4 addresses to hand out to people that need them. I expect that by the end of 2011 APNIC will run out, and shortly after that some folks in Asia will be restricted to only IPv6 connectivity. How much of your business depends on folks needing access to your web site? Is your web site running on a server with IPv6 connectivity? If not, what are your plans to fix that?

Well, that was a bit optimistic. On 2011-04-14, APNIC is in their final phase of IPv4 allocation. From their announcement - "This event is a key turning point in IPv4 exhaustion for the Asia Pacific, as the remaining IPv4 space will be 'rationed' to network operators to be used as essential connectivity with next-generation IPv6 addresses. All new and existing APNIC Members who meet the current allocation criteria will be entitled to a maximum delegation of a /22 (1,024 addresses) of IPv4 space."

On 2012-09-14, RIPE has reached the same position. http://www.ripe.net/internet-coordination/ipv4-exhaustion/reaching-the-last-8.

On 2014-04-23, ARIN has reached the same position. https://www.arin.net/resources/request/countdown_phase4.html.

On 2014-06-10, LACNIC has reached an equivalent position. http://www.lacnic.net/es/web/anuncios/2014-no-hay-mas-direcciones-ipv4-en-lac.

On 2015-09-24, ARIN has exhausted their IPv4 address pool. So what is your plan for enabling IPv6 on your servers?