loopback mount an encrypted lvm partition

target=path to location to hold dd image of the partition
target2=mount path for the home part

# copy the raw partition to a normal file
dd if=/dev/sda3 $target

# mount the embedded ext4 inside lvm inside crypto
losetup /dev/loop0 $target/sda3
cryptsetup open --type luks /dev/loop0 crypt_fun
vgdisplay --verbose VolGroup
vgchange -a y VolGroup
vgdisplay --verbose VolGroup
fsck /dev/VolGroup/lv_home
mount -t ext4 /dev/VolGroup/lv_home $target2

# pull files from $target2

#unwrap all that
umount $target2
vgchange -a n VolGroup
cryptsetup close crypt_fun
losetup -d /dev/loop0